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Image Sensing

3D face recognition is becoming a hot-spot is the industry in recent years. Global mobile manufactures must follow the trend to capture the opportunity. 3D face recognition has a very high possibility to become a standard of smart phone in coming 5 years. VCSEL will become more and more popular in applications to gesture recognition and 3D sensing technology for consumer electronics.
High power VCSEL must be packaged with AlN substrate to obtain functions such as mechanic support, vertical electrical connection(insulation), high efficient heat radiation, lighting aid etc. In addition to current applications in optical communication, optical connection, laser fuze, laser display, optical signal handling, VCSEL has huge potential in consumer electronics.
Application of VCSEL to medical and diagnosis industries is another growth point. VCSEL has better electronic efficiency than LED in application to optical neurostimulation and X-ray photographic imagery.
With rapid growth and popularity in applications, such as gesture recognition, data storage, monitoring, AlN material will gain more attention and market followed with strong growth of VCSEL.